Snow much fun…or not?!

Sledging, snowmen, cosy days in and train delays. The snow is here and whether you love it or hate it, sometimes we just have to deal with it (if you live in the UK anyway!) There… View Post

BADgal BANG | Benefit Cosmetics

If you happen to be a make-up junkie like me (hi i’m jess), then you would deffo have seen that incredible Benefit Cosmetics PR trip to the Maldives. Umm…jealous or WOT?! The trip looked insane and it… View Post

Plaid 3 Ways!

So we’ve just had London Fashion Week and it was incredible wasn’t it? I’ve been loving all the style inspo displayed across my social media pages and have loved browsing everyones looks (yes we all… View Post

The ‘All You Can Eat Diet’

*disclaimer- this diet is not suitable for everyone and I am by no means a nutritionist, so please speak to your doctor before attempting to try this Right, before you get any ideas, let me… View Post