Anastasia dipbrow pomade dupe

I love a gel based eyebrow product! I personally think they look the best for my brows as mine are quite dark, so I need quite a thick consistency for them to look right. I found this dupe before I had even used the Anastasia dipbrow pomade funnily enough. Back in 2013 I discovered the Sleek brow kit from my friend. It     is a little palette with a wax/gel side and also a powder to set, along with two small brushes and some little tweezers. At £8.49 that is a good price.

sleek brow
I have been using my sleek brow kit ever since, and after using it almost every single day it still hasn’t run out! That’s over 2 years! I honestly can’t believe how long it is lasting and so impressed with it. Up until about 2 months ago, it is all I have ever used until I decided to purchase the Anastasia dipbrow pomade. I have heard about it sooo many times on social media, but I had it in my mind that it was expensive being a high end brand. When I found it on for only £15 I realised it is not as expensive as I thought so I thought I’d give it a try and I love it!

anastasiaanastasia brow

However I do find it so similar to the sleek palette I already have. The only difference I have found, is that the sleek gel does tend to smudge if you rub it and the Anastasia is very long lasting and hardly smudges at all. Apart from that they are basically identical to me and both such great products that I would definitely buy again!


dupesmudge test



Overall I would say that the Anastasia has the upper hand due to not smudging, however if I was on a budget there would be absolutely no disappointment in using the sleek brow palette as it is just as impressive and half the price.

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