Heated Eyelash Curler Review

I have the most stubborn and straight eyelashes ever. I have been through so many mascaras I can’t even tell you, from drug store to high end. Eyelash curlers help a bit, but not really, so I just don’t bother. Nothing has ever seemed to give my lashes that volume and length so I’ve given up searching and I just wear natural everyday strip lashes instead.

I have even seen tutorials of people using hairdryers on their eyelash curler then curling them, this obviously makes sense due to people using heated hair curlers for their hair so surely it would be the same principle for lashes right? Well I gave it a go but you have to be so careful you don’t burn yourself like me. Because eyelash curlers tend to be metal, this means the curlers stay hot so I ditched that idea. However, I was in forever 21 and I noticed this small little device called a “Heated Eyelash Curler” it was only £4.50 so I thought I would give it a go.


It is battery operated, so I put in some batteries, switched it on and waited for it to heat up. It is a very clever idea because unlike blowing a hairdryer on the normal eyelash curlers, only the part that touches your eyelashes will get hot so you will not burn your eyelid. You use the motion you would if you were to apply mascara as it is kind of shaped like a wand and just keep brushing up until you are happy with  the volume and length it has given you. I have also taken some pictures of my eyelashes before, using eyelash curlers, and using the heated curler.

IMG_3811 IMG_3812 IMG_3813 AIMG_3815

As you can see, there is a big difference the heated eyelash curler has made, and for me personally I was very impressed with the length and volume it gave me. Apart from the ‘normal lash’ picture, I was wearing the Maybelline Colossal mascara in case you were wondering. I also checked two hours after to see if the heated eyelash curler had kept my lashes up.


Unfortunately, it didn’t really keep my lashes up much, however believe it or not it still looked better than my normal lashes (I know, I have really short lashes haha!) So it does work really well when you first use the heated lash curler, however it didn’t last very well for me. This could be because of my annoying and stubborn lashes, but I thought it was quite a fun and nifty little device and I would say it is worth giving it a go, especially if you don’t have stubborn lashes like me!

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