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For all you makeup lovers, this ones for you. Well tbh all my posts so far have been about makeup haha! But anyways, for those of you who don’t know, there is actually an app that is kind of like a twitter, but for makeup! Yes praise the lord! I love it! It contains lots of different reviews and passionate people that just love chatting makeup! You can add photos and little status’ and comment on peoples posts! Just create an account and bang your ready to go!

When you first register, you have to create a makeup bio, so you fill out what skin type, hair type etc you have, so that when you post about a product, people can see what traits you have to see if it will work for them too. So for example if you have oily skin and you post a review saying that a certain foundation is really good, a person with dry skin might see that it may not work for them because their skin type is the opposite. I love that they do this because it means that you can talk to people with similarities and know that certain products will work the same for you!

People all over the world use it so its great to see and discover all new brands and meet new people! The app itself takes a lot of control too, so in case of any divas and bitchy behavior, you can easily report things so that the app makes sure that all posts are beauty related and non abusive (as we all know what people can be like on social media).

I would say the one annoying thing with the app is that it doesn’t keep you logged in so you have to keep filling out your profile info each time you go on, but hopefully that’s some kind of glitch and they will fix it soon on the update!

Overall I love the app and I would 100% recommend it to makeup lovers as it helps people discover new tricks, tips and products as well as get to be chatty about their love for makeup. The app has such a lovely community feeling too, as we all have the same love for makeup and we are all so friendly and welcoming. So I would definitely rate this app and suggest you get downloading now, oh and of course give me a follow @jessdownard!



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