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Hello loves, now some of you may have heard of, or even own at least one of the famous Mac pigments. At first I didn’t really understand what they were for, but they are so versatile, you could use them as a highlighter, an eye shadow or even create something theatrical with it. I have seen a lot of people applying pigments on top of their lipstick  (which I have been obsessing over recently!) The pigments are so amazing and if you don’t have your hands on one now, then you need to click on this link HERE and get one in your bag asap!

The colour range is absolutely amazing and so beautiful! I have the colour ‘Melon’ and it is the most gorgeous colour, it has tinges of oranges, pinks and bronzes, so you could use it with multiple different makeup looks. Although I only have one right now (cry), I have been eyeing up the colour ‘Blue Brown’ for some time now, so I definitely think that will be my next Mac purchase.

Anyway, as Mac is a high end brand, the pigments do come with a costly price at £16(4.5g). They do have smaller and cheaper pots for £10(2.5g), however I don’t think it is really worth it, so you’d be better off buying the larger one. But if you didn’t want to splash that much on a pigment, I have found another brand that does just the same job, but for cheaper!


I was browsing in Superdrug and noticed the Barry M counter, and right at the very bottom, there were these little tubs of what looked like loose pigments, so of course as I always do, I picked them up and swatched them! My hand looked like a childs colouring book once I was done haha! There were two different kinds of glitters, ‘Glitter Rush’ and ‘Fine Glitter Dust’. I only swatched the ‘Fine Glitter Dust’ and I assumed that the ‘Glitter Rush’ was the same sort of thing, but in a larger tube, so after I did loads of swatches, and I mean LOADS, I decided to buy two of the ‘Fine Glitter Dusts’ in the shades 15 and 22, and one of the ‘Glitter Rush’ in the shade ‘Desert Bronze’.

Barry M Pigments Barry M Pigments 15 & 22


Barry M Pigments Glitter Rush Barry M Pigments Glitter Rush Desert Bronze

When I got back home, I swatched them again next to my Mac pigment, and I was very disappointed to discover that the ‘Glitter Rush’ was simply just glitter and not a pigment. I guess that’s what goes of not trying before you buy! However, the ‘Fine Glitter Dusts’ had very similar formulas to the Mac pigments and were just as pigmented and striking! I was so impressed with the quality of the Barry M glitter dust and I would definitely say it was equal with Mac on the formula and appearance of the pigment, and I would definitely use it and pick the product up again.

(The picture below shows the Mac pigment Melon at the bottom and the two Barry M pigments 22 and 15 at the top and middle. I did swatch the other Barry M glitter between Melon and 15, but as you can see, it barely shows up!)

Pigment Swatches

So, both the ‘Glitter Rush’ and the ‘Fine Glitter Dust’ are at the retail price at £4.59, which is a huge difference to the £16 Mac pigments. However, I can’t say the the Barry M completely lives up to Mac as there are some down sides, you do not get as much product with Barry M as Mac and also the colour choice does lack a lot as there are only 5 colours with Barry M, and Mac offers loads of different colours. Overall I would say that the Mac pigments are my go-to pigment, but Barry M is always there if you’re not too bothered or bit low on your pennys!



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