Mini Mac Haul

So my student Mac Pro card is running out at the end of January, which means I will no longer have a discount (cry), so I decided to get some last bits whilst I can still take advantage of my discount! I picked up 6 things, and although that might not sound like a ‘haul’ as such, it’s Mac ladies, so I definitely spent enough money haha!


Mac Lipsticks- Ruby Woo and Whirl

Mac lipsticks are legendary in the world of makeup and it seems that almost everyone has a little collection going on because of their such high quality. I, on the other hand, only have 2 of them, until I totalled it up to 4 when I put these lil babies in my basket. (ooh that’s going straight in my basket) SORRY HAD TO SAY IT! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, CLICK HERE). Aaaaaanyway, as you may know Ruby Woo is retro matte and whirl is matte finish, which I love. Although I like my lips to be very matte, I did prefer the matte finish as opposed to the retro matte finish, as I found Ruby Woo to be quite hard to apply as it was not very smooth. It looked so nice once I had it on, but you definitely need a liner to make sure it is applied neatly.

Mac Ruby Woo & WhirlMac Whirl SwatchMac Ruby Woo Swatch



They FINALLY launched their liquid lipstick collection, and I was so excited to buy some. I wanted to get a few more shades, but unfortunately the ones I wanted were out of stock, which tbh for me is a good thing as they come with a hefty price tag at £21 a pop, it’s defo not cheap. However the colour I bought was flawless! Like a true red, but slightly darker, which I love. I have a FULL REVIEW coming soon, so stay tuned!

Retro-MatteMac Retro-Matte Swatch


Mac Pencil in ‘Stripdown’

I love a pencil more than a lippy, and this is probably one of my favourite shades. Stripdown is famous for being Kimmy K’s everyday liner and Kylie loves a bit of it too. Yes I am guilty of overlining my lips, along with thousands of others I bet too! And this shade makes it so easy and natural looking to overline because of its natural tones. Obviously depending on your skin shade, it is the perfect everyday pencil for those days when you feel like a lil fake plumping.

Mac Stripdown PencilMac Stripdown Pencil Swatch


Pigment in ‘Blue Brown’

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had wanted to get my hands on this for aaaages! So I finally have it YAY! It is literally so beautiful and each time I wear it, I honestly cannot stop looking at all of its reflecting colours. It is an iridescent colour definitely, which is why I can’t stop looking at it and I have never seen anything like it before. You could use this colour on your eyelids as part of a smokey eye to jazz it up a bit, or easily wear it on its own.

Mac Blue Brown Pigment


Mac Paint pot in ‘Soft Ocre’

This is a very famous eye primer and they come in lots of different colours, depending on what skin colour you have or what look you are creating. I have Soft Ocre and if you have light skin and yellow undertones, this will be a great colour for you. Mac also offer other colours like blue, so for example if you were using a blue eyeshadow, the paint pot would make the blue appear more pigmented. I know soe people just prefer to use concealer as an eye primer, however I have a lot of darkness around my eyes and macs paint pot is the only thing that really covers it properly. The colour difference is amazing as you will see in the photo below I have it on the right lid, and this definitely one of my must haves.

Mac Soft Ocre PaintpotMac Soft Ocre Paintpot Swatch


Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Because of my yellow undertones, I have never really found a powder that is right for me. A lot of face powders tend to be too pinkish for me and my face never seems to match the rest of my body. So I heard Mac have more yellow shades, so I picked this one up, and I love the colour, however I don’t think it is very long lasting. It is a matte powder, which I need atm due to my combination skin, however I still seem to get shines through every couple of hours. So although the colour is great (NC40) I have not been that impressed with how long it actually lasts.

Mac Studio Fix Powder

Prep + Prime Fix +

I’ve heard soooo many good things about this, however I haven’t actually gotten a chance to try it yet, because I ordered online, it is sealed and I don’t want to force open it and break it, so I still need to go to a Mac store for help. However, it does smell so nice!

Mac Prep & Prime Fix+


So that’s it for my mini Mac haul. Let me know what your favourite mac products are in the comments below! I’d love to know what your mac must haves are.

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