Mac Retro-Matte liquid lipstick review

It’s been over a month since my last post (sorry guys), but I’m back and I’ve got some great posts lined up! So to start this one off I have done a review of the new(ish) Mac-retro liquid lipsticks. They are finally here and I had to grab one whilst I could! I wanted to get 3, but 2 out of the 3 I wanted were out of stock plus they are expensive. So in the end I only picked up one in the shade “Feels so grand” which is a classic red, but on the slightly darker side, which I absolutely love! In this post I am going to review it so you can make up your mind if you wanna dish out £21 for one of macs new products!



Packaging – To be honest I was quite disappointed with the packaging, I thought they would create something a lot prettier for the liquid lipsticks, but it seems very basic to me. I guess in a way it serves it purpose as you can clearly see the colour of the shade, and also it looks like mac recycled their lipstick lids (and you can’t argue with recycling). Also their lipstick lids are very traditional for the company and you will know it’s their product. But I personally think they could have made them look a lot prettier in my opinion with a new design.

Colour – The colour is so true to the bottle. I literally have no concerns with this as it is so rich and pigmented and such a good quality colour. I have however heard that the nude shades can apply just slightly off of the colour shown in the bottle, but it does depend a lot on the natural shade of your lips.

Smell – I am one of those people that smells everything before I buy, use or eat anything so when I smelt this, I was not pleasantly surprised. Unlike the lovely vanilla smell of their lipsticks, this was not a nice smell at all. It smelt very cosmeticy and quite strong so when I was applying it, I had to hold me breath a bit! However once it has been applied it is fine and the smell disappears.

Longevity – I tested the product over 7 hours and although it lasted the whole time, that doesn’t mean it looked good the whole time! It looked its best up until about 3 hours, then it started to fade around the edges after about 4 hours so the shape of my lips wasn’t as sharp and also it had to be reapplied after eating, which was quite disappointing considering other liquid lipsticks do stay on! If your going out I would defo recommend you take this with you as you will have to reapply it if eating or out for a long time!


Overall – My first impressions of the product were amazing and it looked so intense and high quality on my lip, however as time went on, I did expect it to hold up for longer than it did considering macs other products are phenomenal! I don’t think I would buy another one as I wasn’t that impressed for he money I paid and I think their regular lipsticks are better for what their worth.

Has anyone else tried them? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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