DIY- Make Your Own Gift Bag!

It’s fast approaching that time of year again when gift giving is at its height and maybe you want to send someone a lovely new pair of shoes. But wait, how are you supposed to wrap them if they don’t come in a box? Well, I’ve been in touch with Shoezone, to help spread a lil Christmas wrapping tip to solve all your wrapping woes and create your very own DIY gift bag!

We all know that wrapping up boxes is as easy as 1,2,3! You just need one simple sheet, fold all round the sides and hey presto, there you go! However if you do need a lil help with wrapping them in a box, here’s a guide below!


One thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that not all shoes are the same, some may have heels, some might be flexible, they all differ and what may work for one type of shoe, may not work for another. But what if they don’t come in a box? Well of course you could always go out and but one..but what’s the fun in that hey? Let’s make our own gift bag! Shoezone have thought up different methods of wrapping shoes to make them look presentable as well as some useful hints on what to do when you want to post shoes without a box.

Step 1

Lay down the wrapping paper and measure the width of the shoes. Realistically, the wrapping paper will need to be twice the width of the shoes, preferably a little larger. TOP TIP: Use a middleweight wrapping paper. Thinner paper is likely to tear and a heavier grade can be hard to work with.

Step 2

Once the width has been measured, fold two sides into the centre. This should now give you the seam of your gift bag. Secure the seam with a piece of sticky tape.

Step 3

Next, fold up the bottom end for your base, again using your gift as a size guide to make sure you have enough height on the bag.

Step 4

Once folded and the crease for the base has been made. Open up the bottom and fold in the opposite direction. This should create a diamond shape.

Step 5

The last step is to fold down the peaks of the diamond, these can then be secured with sticky tape. The base of your bag is done and the shoes can now be placed inside. If they are particularly tricky shoes to wrap such as heels, these can pierce the wrapping paper so make sure you could initially wrap them in tissue paper or bubble wrap to keep them together and this way they have more protection! Once in, the bag can be closed by simply folding over the top and securing with sticky tape.

There are a few alternatives that may be more suitable if getting a little bit crafty isn’t your thing.

One method would be to wrap them in fabric. Traditionally known as Japanese Furoshiki, this method is also environmentally friendly as you would use a cotton or silk scarf as the wrap. The scarf could also be given as part of the gift.

Another simple yet effective way to wrap shoes without a box, would be to tie them together with a ribbon, then wrap in tissue paper as before. These can then be encased in clear cellophane and use an embellished hair tie to fasten.  Simple, effective and easy to do.

When sending shoes though the post, either with or without a traditional shoe box, always try to put them in an outer box to send. Shoe boxes are usually made from single wall cardboard and aren’t designed to withstand much of an impact. The same goes for wrapping paper bags and cellophane. Though the shoes are unlikely to get damaged, if they’re being sent as a gift and they turn up in a damaged box, it doesn’t seem like such a nice surprise.

Choosing the right shoes to give as a gift can be a difficult task, but wrapping them can be even harder. Hopefully Shoezone’s useful tips on how to wrap shoes for Christmas and other special occasions has helped and will go some way to making things a little easier for you.

Oh and one more thing…Merry Christmas!



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