Plaid 3 Ways!

So we’ve just had London Fashion Week and it was incredible wasn’t it? I’ve been loving all the style inspo displayed across my social media pages and have loved browsing everyones looks (yes we all saw you Queenie!)

Now, as much as I love fashion and even though my wardrobe is full of some gorgeous pieces, unfortunately I’m one of those girls that chooses comfort over style. But it’s Fashion Week and I do love dressing up when I can be bothered, so I decided to put a bit of effort in and share with you the one trend I’ve been digging’ lately…PLAID. You could just say I’m embracing my inner Cher Horowitz! But on a semi-serious note, I’ve been loving it and I’ve discovered 3 different ways you can wear it!

The Check Dress

Whilst doing my ASOS shop the other week, I simply had to add this adorable check dress to my basket! I never normally wear things like this, but I thought it was gorgeous and I had just bought this hat from Forever 21 that would go perfectly with it! It was fair to say that I had already planned the whole outfit in my head before I added it to the basket, but well what can you say…sometimes a girl’s just gotta treat herself!

DressBershkaTop– Topshop (similar here) 

Bag– Primark (similar here) Boots– Public Desire (similar here)

The Blazer

I picked this lil’ beauty up when I was in Dublin last week (vlog coming soon) and I immediately fell in love with it. Better yet, it was in the sale WOOHOO (even though it’s not on the website.) I do believe that you can buy the matching trousers as a suit set, but I was only able to pick up the blazer. But, I am pretty sure if you find a nice bag and pair it with some cute accessories, it could look great for any occasion.

Blazer– H&MTop– Topshop (similar here)

Top It Off With a Hat

Cabby hats are back and I am totally loving them. I remember parading around in these when I was about 12 and felt so damn cool. From the moment I put it on, I felt major Paris/French vibes and I simply gotta say j’adore ce chapeau! (google translate soz if it’s wrong lols)

HatForever 21

 So there you have it! Just a few pieces I’ve added to my wardrobe and hopefully they can come out a bit more often than some of my other clothes hehe! I hope everyone enjoyed fashion week and let me know in the comments what you think of plaid!

Love Jess X

DIY Bald Cap

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