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If you happen to be a make-up junkie like me (hi i’m jess), then you would deffo have seen that incredible Benefit Cosmetics PR trip to the Maldives. Umm…jealous or WOT?! The trip looked insane and it was all for the launch of Benefit’s brand new mascara ‘BADgal Bang’!

Benefit have always had a good reputation for their famously fabulous mascaras, so what is it that makes this one so special? Well…this one claims to have been created using space technology. Benefit say that this gravity-defying formula is meant to keep your lashes up for longer by including one of the lightest known substances called aero-particles. It also claims to last 36 hours, be smudge-proof, and also water-proof. I mean WOW what ambitious claims?! So I decided to give it a whirl. Yep me, me with the most stubborn lashes known to man (and woman!) SO…I decided to test it out for 7 hours next to the Benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara (which I love) to see a comparison and see which one works best.


The packaging was pretty cool. Benefit tried to stick to the space theme by making it quite dark, yet still kept it girlie with the small pops of pink. The mascara had like a matte texture to the outside and felt quite rubbery which was very unique and different and I kinda loved it.


I have to say, the applicator is probably my favourite part about this mascara. The bristles are very short and therefore the product can’t get stuck in-between the bristles and it won’t be clumpy when you actually apply it to your lashes- RESULT! The applicator kind of reminded me of one of my faves the Loreal Telescopic as it was super thin and also fixed the clumpy applications problem.


So although I said the applicator makes lashes clump-free, this doesn’t always apply to the first mascara application due to the formula being so wet. But don’t worry, I find that ALL mascaras are clumpy on the first few uses. I have actually been using the mascara daily for the past 2 weeks and am happy to say that the mascara has now dried out ever so slightly and is PERFECT! My lashes have had lots of volume and have managed to stay up all day and as Benefit would put it…they’ve ‘defied-gravity’! I am obsessed.


When I came back after the 7 hours had passed, I literally noticed no difference what-so-ever in my lashes. They honestly looked just as good as they did the 7 hours ago when I applied it. There were no smudges and no flakes and they looked great! I would deffo say these crazy, weird aero-particles have worked wonders and I have been using this mascara ever since!

So it’s safe to say I loved the mascara! I’d probably say that the the applicator is my favourite part about the mascara as it really gets right in the inner corner! If you’re interested in watching a visual review then please watch my YouTube video below 🙂

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