Snow much fun…or not?!

Sledging, snowmen, cosy days in and train delays. The snow is here and whether you love it or hate it, sometimes we just have to deal with it (if you live in the UK anyway!) There are so many pros and cons to the snow and although it can be fun and pretty, it can also be a pain in the neck!



For me personally, I'm not a fan the snow. I would much rather be sitting on a sunny beach with an iced drink in one hand and a good book in the other. It's cold, wet and extremely inconvenient in my eyes! I guess my dislike for the snow began when I had my first ever car incident back in December 2017. It happened whilst I was working as a domiciliary carer, which basically means I go to customers houses to give them care as opposed to them living in a care home. Obviously having this job means that people are relying on me to get to them, so there I was driving out in the snow, anxious, scared and driving as slow as possible to stay safe. Then suddenly I turned the corner, got caught on top of some thick ice and unfortunately the ice just took my car right into the back of somebody else's. It wasn't a bad crash at all and nobody got hurt or anything like that, but I now have a smashed up bumper and tbh my confidence is pretty smashed too.

I haven't always been a miserable fart about it though. I've got TONS of lovely memories in the snow. Fortunately, I'm lucky enough to have a very big and extremely close family and I can remember all the snowy days out with my cousins. Any opportunity we got, we'd be straight outside making snowy memories having fun sledging down the hills and having competitive snowball fights (and winning hehe!) 

Maybe it's just the realisation of growing up and seeing the snow from a different point of view that has made me see it differently. And although, yes the snow is lovely when you're young or if you're out having fun in it, but for some people who need to commute to work and get things done, it can be extremely inconvenient and even frightening.

Whatever you're opinion is, whether you're an energetic snow enthusiast or you're an avid avoider sitting in your dressing gown sipping cups of tea and eating chocolate biscuits, I think we can all agree that the snow really is truly beautiful and it looks like a spectacular winter wonderland! I must say, I do think when you're out on foot and not behind the wheel, it can be really fun, and I suppose I just need time to build my confidence up again and learn to love it. But for now, I am pretty happy staying in doors with a cuppa and a good girly movie!

What do you think of the snow? Lover or a hater? I'd love to find out down below!

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  1. Sophie Sierra March 8, 2018 / 4:45 pm

    Looking like a total winter wonderland goddess in the snow, I loved this post babe! I 100% agree, I used to love being out in the snow when I was little but as an adult I just find it a pain in the a$$! I have many happy memories of sledging and school being cancelled due to the snowfall but adulthood definitely seems to have changed things when it comes to my opinion of the snow haha. I’m so sorry to hear about your car incident, it’s totally understandable that it affected your confidence a little, but I have every faith you’ll build up your confidence again in no time. You’ve got this girl! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

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