Dermalogica Dry Skin Kit Review

I’ve never ever been good with my skin care and tbh I think the reason is because all my life I’ve never had any problems with it. Even through my teens I never suffered with spots or acne or anything like that so I’ve been extremely lucky. My idea of ‘skincare’ was taking my makeup off with some miceller water and then shoving on some moisturiser. No morning routine, no specific night routine, nothing. I was simply taking my makeup off at night and that was the extent of me ‘taking care of my skin’ lols.

It has only been recently that I figured I need to start looking after my skin better. I guess it started when I noticed a difference in the way my makeup was sitting on my skin. My skin was becoming dryer and dryer and it was getting very flakey and textured. This was extremely frustrating because I LOVE makeup and the fact that my face just looked like a pile of poo even after I had spent ages doing my makeup was so disheartening. You always hear the beauty influencers say that good makeup starts with a good base…the skin, so I figured I needed to crack on and start looking after my skin properly. I decided to go for Dermalogica because they to have so many incredible reviews and most professionals tend to use it, so I thought it seemed a pretty good and safe option.

Dry Skin Kit

I wasn’t really too sure what to get at first because Dermalogica can be pretty pricey and I was a bit worried about splashing out too much. However, after having a little browse on their website, I did notice that they sell these small, travel size skin kits. These kits are perfect if you’re new to Dermalogica because it has the routine all prepared and ready and you don’t have to pay for the full size items if it turns out that it doesn’t work for you. I guess you can say they are like little tester kits really.

There are several different kits you can get depending on what type of skin you have including aging skin, dry, oily, combination or you can even get a breakout clearing kit if your skin is acne-prone. AND what’s more, all the kits include different products and steps to suit the needs of your skin type so these deffo sounded like a winner. I decided to go for  the dry skin kit because…well I have dry skin (duh!) The dry skin kit included the Essential Cleansing Solution, Gentle Cream Exfoliant, Multi-Active Toner,  Intensive Moisture Balance and an Intensive Eye Repair (eye gel not in pictures because I lost it lol. Note-to-self…take blog pics before you use them!)

How To Use

Start by applying the Essential Cleansing Solution to a damp face. I like to use my Vanity Planet spin cleansing brush so I get a proper thorough cleanse. (Check out my review on it here here!) Then rinse thoroughly and apply the Gentle Cream Exfoliant and leave on for up to 10 minutes. The exfoliant only needs to be used a couple of times a week. Once it has been rinsed off, go ahead and spritz some Multi-Active Toner all over your face (this is my fav part because it feels SO refreshing). Lastly, put on the Intensive Moisturiser and finish by tapping on the Eye Repair Gel under your eyes.

Going from 2 products to 5 was deffo a big step, but I’ve gotta say it felt so luxurious. There were no strong cosmetic smells nor did it even take very long, and it just felt SO nice applying all of the products. As I mentioned before, the spritzing of the toner was my favourite part. At first I wan’t really sure what toner even does, but basically toner simply puts the hydration back into your skin that had been taken out during the cleanse, so it’s a pretty important step.


The kit lasted me a month (using both morning and at night) and I started to notice a difference in my skin after about a week (bearing in mind I tested this out during mid-bloody-winter) and I’ve got to say…I LOVE the results! I haven’t seen my skin look so hydrated in a long long time. I simply find it amazing that even through this horrible cold weather, Dermalogica still seemed to keep my skin looking healthy and glowy. Now everytime I put my makeup on, I’m not faced with patchy, flakey foundation. Instead I have a lovely, soft and smooth base and it’s all thanks to this incredible skin kit.

I must say, I think that the moisturiser included in this kit was incredible and I was thinking about purchasing it on it’s own after I ran out, however it’s £61 for just 100ml of the stuff. CRAZY! You can only imagine what the whole kit costs for full size items!! I worked it out…£207.50! Insane right? I wish I could say it was worth it, because it really is, but it’s just so expensive and unfortunately I simply don’t have a spare £207.50 laying around. BUT, I would 100% say you should go for the kits if you fancy trying Dermalogica out but don’t wanna spend loads of £££.

Overall, I am so glad I’ve finally started taking my skincare seriously and I deffo think I picked a good brand to start me off. In all honesty, I would love to re-purchase if I could afford it as the products truly are amazing and I would recommend the kits to anyone who wants to give it a go…trust me you won’t regret it!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and please feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions about the kit! 🙂

Love Jess X



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